Articulated Boom Lift For Flexible Working At Height

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Articulating boom lifts are composed of multiple sections which are separated by joints that allow for flexibility when moving the work platform around obstacles or accessing difficult-to-reach areas.

So what is an Articulated Boom Lift used for?

Articulated boom lifts are commonly used where height and outreach flexibility is essential to bypass obstacles or access impractical locations when working at height. As mentioned above, these lifts have joints that enable them to be adjustable to different spaces and areas. They utilise their unique technology to allow for versatile and efficient operation on construction and industrial sites for a range of different applications.

The Benefits of an Articulating Boom Lift – How do They Compare to Other MEWPs:

  • Unmatched maneuverability to access hard-to-reach places with precise positioning
  • An extensive range of heights & outreach to suit your varying application needs
  • Higher lift heights & extension than other MEWPs, including scissor lifts

They vary from their Telescopic counterparts, which have a mast that extends only in a straight line, horizontally or vertically, to reach different angles. Whilst both have their advantages; their usefulness is dependent on your specific application needs. Though more expensive, articulated boom lifts are more beneficial for more complex operations as they ensure safety and ease of use even during more dangerous tasks.

What Articulating Boom Lifts do we Supply?:

We aim to ensure all of your industry needs are met with market-leading, high-quality and performance solutions that allow your operations to run smoothly. This is why we only supply the best mechanical-powered access solutions from brands we trust. Our choice of articulated boom lifts is available to lease, hire or buy, depending on your application needs. Some of our available lifts include:

One of our most popular models is the ultra-narrow Genie Z30 20NRJ, which is ideal for narrow and confined spaces due to its zero tail swing or front arm swing. It offers an enhanced range of motion thanks to its 180 degrees of horizontal rotation. It boasts a maximum working height of 10.89m, making it an efficient machine for use in building and factory maintenance, as well as upper floor applications.

Another of our articulating boom lifts is the Genie Z33 18, which is a compact, lightweight electric-powered model. Despite being a smaller capacity model, it has a working height of 12m and an outreach of 5.57m, making it equally as efficient as a larger model.

Regarding diesel-powered articulated boom lifts, the JLG 450AJ is perfect for general construction work and building maintenance. It is straightforward to use, reducing training time and allowing for increased efficiency and productivity. With a working height of 15.77m and an outreach of just below 8.3m, it is a flexible access solution that guarantees stress-free operation.

As a nationwide favourite Cherry Picker, the Genie Z45 25JRT is the first-choice piece of equipment for building and maintenance work. It has a versatile cage rotation of 160 degrees, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas and projects.

For bigger or more demanding operations, we recommend the Manitou 200ATJ, with a working height of 20m and a maximum outreach of 12m. This larger machine boasts a superior platform and a safe working load of up to 230kg.


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