683R Front End Loader

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Connect/disconnect the loader faster with the new Automatic Mast Latch

It takes four steps to disconnect the loader: lower the loader, open the parking stand, remove the hydraulics, and unlock the mast pin.

Connecting the loader is fast and convenient thanks to the ramp design on the mounting frames and the automatic mast latch equipped with a floating device. Only drive the tractor to bring the mounting frames inside the mast until the latching indicators are in lock position. Then the driver can lift up the parking stands (1) and connect the couplers (2) for hydraulic and electric loader power to the tractor. Fast, intuitive and maintenance free design, the loader connection and disconnection brings the tractor ready for any tasks.

Fast and easy implement latching/unlatching

Changing the implements is a daily task for many front loader operators. Thanks to the patented automatic implement latch (AIL) the connection of various buckets, forks, or other implements can be done in less than 3 seconds. The dedicated treatment and material choice ensure the rod supports the heaviest applications, which provides a durable and lifetime solution. The AIL is a base feature of the Euro carrier, which is compatible with all Euro implements.

More comfort and visibility with the R-Series Loaders

The design of the R-Series Loaders increases the visibility of the implement at no matter what lift height the loader is placed. With its curved shape, the loader boom is aligned with the tractor hood and provides a better view when working with the loader. Due to the compact design of the boom and the cylinders, the raised distance of the cylinders to fenders guarantees sufficient clearance. This allows an appropriate steering angle to maneuver the loader in tight spaces.

The low position of the torque tube also allows good visibility and clearance for the tractor’s front lights, which provides an ideal lighting solution for night time use.

Operating at dusk or night is a part of a producer’s working life. The increased visibility allows the operator to drive in a more comfortable and confident way. With 850 luminous flux per light , the light provides a powerful illumination to support working in dark conditions.

Unmatched robustness and power of R-Series Loaders

Due to the design and the loader kinematic, the R-Series Loaders feature outstanding power in regards to lift capacity and lift height. The power of the John Deere tractor is transferred to the loader via the hydraulic system.

The R-Series Loaders show a great level of durability due to the high-quality material. The modular cast-iron components on the loader are the foundation of a durable machine. This results in tested, reliable longevity.

Easy loader removal using automatic mast latch

R-Series Loaders are even easier to attach and detach due to the automatic mast latch system. This feature provides efficiency to operations that require frequent loader parking. The automatic mast latch system is a mechanical lever that allows operators to remove or attach the loader with one trip out of the cab. The ease and convenience provided by the automatic mast latch system provides improvement to operation uptime.


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