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The 595 Backhoe swing system is a constant speed/constant torque system for good swing and smooth operation. The 180-degree swing allows trenching 90 degrees from the center of the tractor. Double-acting swing cylinders are pinned directly to the swing frame, which gives a very compact swing system, eliminates complicated linkages and chains, and provides improved stability and extra torque for backfilling. Some competitors use a single cylinder and chain design that requires manual adjustment.

The backhoe’s subframe mounting bar fits into the rear mounting brackets that are attached to the tractor. This solid mount provides two valuable features:

  1. Stability by virtually eliminating vertical or side-to-side movement often found in some 3-point hitch backhoe mounts. The subframe design also positions the entire backhoe close to the tractor.
  2. Tractor chassis is protected by tying the respective tractor and the backhoe together as one. It also allows operators to take full advantage of the total weight transfer between backhoe stabilizers and loader buckets.

The front of the 595 Backhoe subframe is attached to the tractor with quick-pins for fast installation and removal. The backhoe’s hydraulic hoses attach to the tractor hydraulic system (requires the power-beyond kit) with quick-couplers, further enhancing the ease of hookup and removal.

Two user-friendly levers are located on the console to control the boom lift, swing, dipperstick, and bucket. Updated control linkages require less operator effort and provide a better feel than cables, adding to operator comfort after digging for long hours.

A convenient location for storing swing and boom lock pins is provided on the operator station.


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